AGCO Reveals Fendt 700 Gen 7 Tractor

AGCO's Fendt 700 Vario Gen 7 Tractor Features New Engine, Transmission

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
The Fendt 700 Vario Gen 7 will be available for delivery in 2023 in five models, ranging from 203-283 rated engine horsepower. (Photo courtesy of AGCO Fendt)

AGCO's Fendt announced on Friday, Aug. 26, in an early morning news conference from Germany that it will bring a new Fendt 700 Vario Gen 7 tractor to Fendt's North American markets.

Fendt offers explanations of these features:

-- Horsepower. The Fendt 700 Vario Gen 7 will be available for delivery in 2023 in five models, ranging from 203-283 rated engine horsepower. For farmers needing more horsepower, the Fendt DynamicPerformance (DP) extra power concept releases up to 20 extra horsepower in the Fendt 728 Vario DP by way of a demand-dependent control system precisely when needed. The extra power concept is not tied to driving speed or special auxiliary functions such as hydraulic, PTO, or three-point applications.

-- Engine. The 700 is powered by a 7.5-liter engine with the Fendt iD low engine speed concept for a high-performance range without compromising efficiency.

-- Transmission. A single-range Fendt VarioDrive transmission. VarioDrive is Fendt's evolution of the Vario CVT and provides intelligently controlled all-wheel drive management. The drive train eliminates the need for manual switching when changing between field and road operations, and it drives the front and rear axles as needed.

-- Cooling. Fendt's hydraulically-driven Concentric Air System (CAS) cooling concept is designed for low engine speeds, compact construction, and fuel efficiency. Less drive power is needed compared to conventional fan and cooling systems, and this power is then available for traction in the field or on the road. The CAS concept is driven by its own hydraulic motor and is decoupled from the engine speed.

-- Hydraulics. An optional increased hydraulic pump capacity of up to 58 gpm is completely independent and self-contained from other tractor functions such as the transmission, steering valves, and cooling fan.

-- Cab. The FendtONE workstation with new seat offerings allows operators to customize their Fendt 700 Vario series tractor. Fendt 700 Vario is equipped with a 10-inch digital dashboard and a 12-inch terminal on the armrest as standard. An additional retractable 12-inch terminal in the headliner is available as an option.

-- Tires. The VarioGrip tire pressure regulation system already offered on larger Fendt series is now an optional feature on the new Fendt 700 series. VarioGrip allows operators to increase the contact area with the ground and boost tractive power by up to 8%.

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Also this morning, AGCO CEO Eric Hansotia offered from the same media reveal in Germany insight into AGCO Fendt's market strategy. There are three goals, he said.

-- First is continued growth in precision agriculture. AGCO/Fendt are designing solutions in real-time sensing, machine learning and automation. Hansotia explained that AGCO understands farmers are not yet ready to cede all cab functions to autonomous smart machines. But they do see value and improved productivity in systems that provide better cost management from the cab and address labor shortages. The road to autonomy, he said will be traveled through automation--automating an increasing number of features that free-up operators for higher levels of management and productivity.

-- Second is evolving AGCO's parts and service functions from reactive to pro-active; via information provided by connected machines that allow AGCO to alert operators to service times and predict operational issues before they occur.

-- Third is growing Fendt globally with a line of planters, sprayers, hay machines, combines and tractors. Outside Europe, AGCO/Fendt eyes market opportunities in South America, Australia and New Zealand, South America and North America. In North America Fendt's network has expanded to 75 dealers in 230 locations.

Fendt/AGCO also expects to bring alternative power sources to its powered-equipment lines, Hansotia said. This would include an under 100 hp E100 tractor--an alternatively powered tractor long in development by AGCO. Electric power is most suitable for tractors in lower horsepower ranges, Hansotia said. For higher horsepower tractors, Fendt is working on a hydrogen-powered solution.

Hansotia offered a brief on Ukraine and its war with Russia. "We are all in," he said. "We stand behind our [Ukrainian] customers and dealers." AGCO has relocated employees and dealers to new locations inside Ukraine. Fendt has also sent additional technicians into Ukraine to set up planters, even in conflict zones, and is pushing parts and machines into the war-torn country.

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