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Deere Moving Cab Line to Mexico, Kubota Grows Georgia Line, Deere Updates Utilities

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Deere is announcing upgrades to its 5 Series utility tractors including cabs and engine upgrades. Deere's 3-cylinder 5075E Utility Tractor is shown here. (Photo courtesy of John Deere)

In this Equipment Roundup, DTN/Progressive Farmer looks at Deere & Company moving its Waterloo, Iowa, tractor cab production line to Mexico, Kubota plans to expand production facilities in Georgia, and John Deere has announced new options and upgrades for its 2023 5 Series utility tractors.

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Deere & Company has decided to move its Waterloo, Iowa, tractor cab production line to Mexico.

Multiple sources cited an email sent to employees announcing the decision to move the production of all cabs, welding and assembly to a Deere facility in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico. Deere is looking to balance labor needs with a tight workforce and free up space for an unspecified new product program.

Deere wants to complete the move to Mexico by 2024. Reports say the production shift could affect up to 250 jobs in Waterloo. Deere facilities in Waterloo include a foundry, production lines for engines, ag tractors and components, as well as facilities for product engineering and ag equipment technology development. Deere employees about 6,000 in Iowa, including 1,500 in Waterloo.



Kubota North America (KNA), the parent company for Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC), Kubota Manufacturing of America (KMA), and Kubota Industrial Equipment (KIE), announced plans to expand its Jefferson, Georgia-based KIE operation by adding a new facility.

The company said it plans to invest $140 million to construct a new building dedicated to expanding production capacity for Kubota loaders primarily for the North America market. The project is set to break ground this year and be fully operational in 2024 and creating more than 500 manufacturing jobs.

Kubota North America employs more than 3,000 across manufacturing, distribution, and engineering operations at the Gainesville and Jefferson, Georgia, facilities.



John Deere announced new options and engine upgrades for its model year 2023 5 Series utility tractors.

For model year 2023, the three-cylinder versions of the 5E Series offer a new Premium Cab option, an engine that does not require an emission-related regen, larger tire options, an option for a true third function mid-valve for easier loader and grapple operation, and three new model numbers. Four models are offered in the 5E three-cylinder lineup and include the 5050E, available with an open operator station, and the 5060E, 5067E and 5075E, available in an open operator station, standard cab or premium cab.

The Premium Cab features a redesigned right-hand console and includes electronic, quick raise/lower buttons that allow a single button push to raise or lower implements to preset depths. The cabs also feature an adjustable air ride seat, factory-installed instructor seat, Bluetooth radio, USB port and cab microphone for hands-free operation of mobile devices.

Deere is making updates to the 5M Series tractors, including integrated AutoTrac and more transmission options.

For model year 2023, Deere says the engine from its larger 6M utility tractor will now be used in the four-cylinder versions of the 5M and will bring five additional horsepower with new model options, the 5095M, 5105M, 5120M and 5130M. The 5075M remains in the lineup for a three-cylinder, 74-horsepower option, available with either a cab or open station. High-crop and low-profile models will also receive the horsepower boost, and include the 5105MH, 5105ML, 5120ML and 5130ML.

Three transmission options are available on the 5M Series. The PowrReverser transmission provides two-lever option to change ranges and gears and is available on the 75- to 120-horsepower models. The PowrQuad PLUS and Powr8 transmissions, available for the 95- to 130-horsepower models, include a single shift lever without the need of a foot clutch.

Production startup for these utility tractors is scheduled for November 2022.

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