Massey Shows Farmers New 8S Tractors

Massey Ferguson Reveals Operator-Friendly, Compaction-Sensitive 8S Tractor

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Massy Ferguson's new 8S Series tractors are powered by 7.4-liter Tier 4 Final AGCO Power, 205 to 265 hp engines. The tractor weighs in at a minimum 8.7 tons, making it the lightest in class, AGCO says. (DTN photo courtesy of Massey Ferguson)

DECATUR, Ill. (DTN) -- AGCO Corp put its new Massey Ferguson 8S Series tractor on display for farmers kicking the tires (or tracks) at the coolish and sunny Farm Progress Show ending Thursday. (See a video on it at:…)

MF's 8S Series will roll out of the factory for delivery in early 2022, powered by 7.4-liter Tier 4 Final AGCO Power, 205 to 265 horsepower engines -- with Massey's Engine Power Management's 5% boost to productivity and 10% fuel savings at lower engine RPM and reduced noise. These units will roll out into the field with a light, compaction-sensitive footprint. At a minimum 8.7 tons, 8S tractors are the lightest in class, AGCO said.

This tractor began life as a clean-sheet project and one-on-one input from customers around the world. What resulted was a highly modern machine that in some styling aspects pay homage to classic Massey Ferguson tractors. The 8S sports horizontal bars on the grill and the MF gray sabre stripe on the side, detailing dating back to the MF 100 series. The gray cab and squared off fenders pay respect to Massey's 2600 and 3000 series tractors.

"With a spacious cab, less noise and vibration, and better visibility, Massey Ferguson sets up growers for a comfortable yet productive season with less downtime," said Darren Parker, vice president of Massey Ferguson North America. The 8S's sweet spot is in planting, side dressing and haying operations, Massey expects.

Interesting is Massey Ferguson's "Protect-U" design. The feature leaves a 9.4-inch gap between the engine and the cab. The gap gives the engine a new source of air inflow to the engine, plus that separation drastically reduces engine heat, noise and vibration typically transmitted into the cab and operator.

And that cab, with a narrow hood design, inclined windshield bending toward the front and a higher vantage point, creates improved, field-time visibility. Cab controls are differentiated by way of a simple color-coding system. A new MF vDisplay projects an easy-to-read and personalized digital dashboard for the operator. The Datatronic 5 terminal allows operators to change setups on hydraulics, transmission, and engine.

The 8S comes with two transmission options. The Dyna E-Power, Massey's new dual transmission designed by Massey for the MF 8S Series, provides shifting and speed changes with no torque interruption. The Dyna-VT gives operators the ability to select speed and engine RPMs to match specific jobs.

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