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From Tillage Tools to Software, a Rollout of New Management Tools

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
The HALO AerWay combines Salford and AerWay tillage technology for deep soil aeration and residue management. (Photo courtesy of Salford Group)

In this Equipment Roundup, DTN/Progressive Farmer looks at Salford's new HALO tillage line, updates to GSI's VersaLoop round tube chain conveyor and investments by CNH Industrial and John Deere.


Salford Group is releasing HALO, a next-generation tillage product line. HALO is a Salford tillage platform that allows new combinations of ground-engaging equipment, narrow transport, and single-point adjustments.

The new HALO HSD (high-speed disc) and HALO AerWay models are available in several sizes. The HSD model will be available in five sizes from 20- to 40-feet wide. The AerWay model is available now in 20-, 25- and 30-foot sizes. Thirty-five- and 40-foot machines will be released in 2021.

The HALO HSD offers improved field leveling performance. Salford's existing blade mount technology aided in the product design, helping the HALO HSD bite into the ground and stay at depth, even in hard ground. In addition to the blade mount technology, a series of hydraulic pressure settings help the machine maintain level operation front to back and side to side.

The HALO HSD is followed by a new Salford finishing system, a heavy-duty 23-inch cage roller that enhances the unit's leveling power. The HALO HSD is designed to operate between 8 to 14 miles per hour.

The HALO AerWay model combines Salford and AerWay tillage technology for vertical tillage management, bringing together deep soil aeration and residue management. The AerWay Shattertines begin to size residue and fracture the ground around and below the tines. This action increases the soil's air and moisture storage capacity, promoting deeper root development and allowing fertilizer to disperse in the root zone.

Independently mounted 13-wave coulters follow the Shattertines with a rubber torsion suspension. The coulters further resize crop residue and begin to level and mellow soil behind the tines. Finally, new Salford double rolling baskets finish the job, pinning residue, sizing soil clods and leveling the surface to prepare a seedbed. The HALO AerWay's tines and blades have three gang angle settings.

Salford Group is a manufacturer of tillage and precision application equipment with facilities in Iowa, Georgia, Ontario and Manitoba. For more information go to:


CNH Industrial has completed its acquisition of a minority stake in Zasso Group AG, a global specialist in non-chemical weed and invasive plant management solutions using electrical power. With this transaction, CNH Industrial is further strengthening the product portfolio of AGXTEND, the company's accelerator for tech startups.

Zasso's patented Electroherb solutions enable targeted, chemical-free weed control using an electrical current. This technology can also be employed in urban weed management situations. Electroherb is as effective and efficient as standard chemical herbicides, does not have to contend with growing developed plant chemical resistance and delivers social and environmental benefits, CNH said.


John Deere has acquired Harvest Profit, a provider of farm profitability software based in Fargo, North Dakota.

Harvest Profit software helps farmers forecast and measure profitability on a field-by-field basis. "This software will provide John Deere customers with a forward-looking financial lens, better visibility into their farms' profitability, and insights to help them make the best possible decisions managing their operations," said Lane Arthur, vice president, data, application, and analytics at John Deere.

Harvest Profit's current software offering will continue to be available through the John Deere Operations Center. Harvest Profit will retain its brand name.


GSI is introducing the addition of either a 30-degree or 45-degree bend section to its VersaLoop round tube chain conveyor that provides more flexibility to maximize the space and efficiency of grain handling systems.

"These bend sections provide the ability to load in a horizontal position rather than on an incline, offering more flexibility in site design and conserving valuable space within the grain site," said Adam Mussman, GSI product manager, North American grain. Loading in a horizontal position has the potential to require less horsepower to move the grain than a straight incline position.

The VersaLoop bend sections are available in tube diameters of 8, 10 and 12 inches. The modular design of VersaLoop improves harvest speed with a capacity up to 10,000 bushels per hour while utilizing high-performance plastic paddles to gently move grain, reducing damage and loss.

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