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Deere Reveals Its Largest Combine

Joel Reichenberger
By  Joel Reichenberger , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Deere said limited X9 combines will be available for demonstration during the 2020 harvest season. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Joel Reichenberger)

HANOVER, Germany (DTN) -- The roots of John Deere's yet-to-be-released X9 combine date back more than a decade. At first, it was just a goal, a concept to bump up both efficiency and capacity to manage steadily growing yields with a shrinking labor force.

The machine is more than a goal now and was on display Sunday at Aritechnica, billed as the world's largest farm machinery show held in Hannover, Germany every other year.

Deere has revealed what it believes will soon be the biggest beast in the field. The X9 combine will be launched globally later in 2020.

"This is certainly a next generational machine that we get to add to our existing portfolio," said Nathan Kramer, Deere's division marketing manager for current products. "It's not going to eliminate the S series. It's a step function change or improvement in capacity and efficiency over where the 790 is today." Deere has not released details about the X9's actual capacity increase or bin size.

The all new X9 combine and matching draper are specifically designed for difficult small grain and high-moisture corn harvesting conditions. Compared to the S790, the largest model in Deere's current lineup, the X9 brings a significant increase in efficiency -- by way of the widest body available, improved crop flow, an increase in active threshing and separation areas, and a larger cleaning shoe.

"You gain your capacity in separation, threshing, in cleaning. The dual rotor configuration will help with the separation, then the threshing, and then we have the world's largest cleaning shoot," Kramer said.

The X9 maintains a transport width of less than 11 1/2 feet. "It very much fits within roadways. The outer box is very similar to what we have on the market today," Kramer said.

A new industrial design language will also accompany the X9 combine and draper, along with comfort, convenience, and lighting improvements to the cab. Common operator interfaces and controls used across the broader John Deere portfolio will allow the operator to move easily between equipment.

The draper brings a new dimension to the header portfolio and enables maximum throughput in small grains, Deere said. A hinged frame will offer unmatched ground following capabilities, with the widest wing range available, resulting in better ground following in contours and sloping terrain, Deere said. A deep belt with a specially designed grain-saving surface will put more grain in the combine and reduce loss at the header.

All models of the S-Series combine family will continue to be available. The new draper is compatible with S-Series combines.

Limited X9 combines will be available for demonstration in the 2020 harvest season.

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Joel Reichenberger