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Better Rain Prospects for Brazil

Elaine Shein
By  Elaine Shein , Associate Managing Editor
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OMAHA (DTN) -- Some better rain prospects in the primary crop areas of Brazil, including rains moving into Mato Grosso this week, and a winter storm in the U.S. Southern Plains wheat areas are the key weather items for the commodity trade's attention Wednesday.


A system has brought moderate showers to eastern areas of the Midwest during the last couple of days, turning to snow and causing delays to the remaining corn harvest in Ohio. Snow covers some of the winter wheat belt, likely turning it dormant for the year in good condition. Other wheat areas have adequate conditions for the end of fall. The DTN ag weather forecast calls for dryness likely for the remainder of the week, though some showers may develop over the east on Friday. Near- to below-normal temperatures will not help drain fields or melt snow, causing further delays into next week.


In the Southern Plains, a system will bring moderate showers Wednesday into Thursday, including moderate to heavy snow in Kansas and Oklahoma. Winter storm watches and warnings from the National Weather Service forecast 4 to 12 inches of snow in some areas. Most areas will see some precipitation, benefiting winter wheat. The crop may become dormant due to lack of precipitation and temperatures falling below freezing in the west. Eastern areas have much better conditions and are likely to see rain from the system.


The Northern Plains region continues with a dry and mild pattern during the next 10 days. No stressful cold is expected. This pattern is favorable for livestock.


Southeast crop areas had moderate to heavy showers fall across the region this weekend, causing delays and quality issues for the later stages of the harvest. More showers are expected Thursday night and Friday, further delaying the remaining harvest.


Scattered showers have fallen across southern areas of Brazil during the last several days with little rainfall elsewhere. This has relieved some stress on developing corn and soybeans from Rio Grande do Sul to Parana but caused stress farther north. Showers this week will remain confined mostly to southern areas, with showers returning to central and northern areas this weekend and continue through next week. The stress is concerning but likely to be brief as rainfall could be significant as it moves back into Mato Grosso and adjacent areas.


Scattered showers fell across much of Argentina during the last several days, with moderate to heavy showers across the north. Periods of showers will continue across the country through Friday, being heavier and more consistent in the north. Areas that are missed in the south could find more stress for developing corn and soybeans as the country goes dry during the weekend and into next week.


Scattered showers fell across southeast Australia over the weekend but were largely absent for much of New South Wales and Queensland, putting stress on developing cotton and sorghum as temperatures climbed well into the upper 30s and lower 40s Celsius. Scattered showers will develop across these areas on Thursday and continue through the weekend, bringing beneficial rain to much of the area.

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Elaine Shein

Elaine Shein
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