Rare November Tornadoes Hit Connecticut, Rhode Island

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) -- Three tornadoes that hit Rhode Island and southeast Connecticut this weekend were the first since at least 1950 to strike the area in November, the National Weather Service said Sunday.

The service confirmed the three tornadoes touched down Saturday evening. An EF-1 hit near Stonington, and Westerly, Rhode Island; an EF-0 hit in North Kingstown, Rhode Island; and another EF-0 touched down near Plainfield, and Foster, Rhode Island. Representatives from the service were in the region Sunday to investigate damage. No deaths or injuries were reported.

"Since 1950, there has never been a tornado recorded in CT or RI in the month of November," the NWS tweeted. "MA last recorded a November tornado on 11/07/1971."

The EF-1 had estimated peak winds of up to 90 mph (145 kph) and a maximum path width of 100 yards (91 meters), according to the service's preliminary report. The twisters in North Kingston and Plainfield had estimated peak winds of up to 80 mph (129 kph).

In the path of the EF-1, a gutter and shutters were ripped off homes, a trampoline became lodged on a power line about 20 feet (6 meters) in the air and a metal shed was lifted and flipped before it was crushed by a large branch, among other damage, according to the service. In the North Kingston tornado's path, at least four power poles were snapped and a fallen tree caused window and roof damage.

The two tornadoes touched down for about a mile and a half.

In the Plainfield and Foster tornado's path, a heavy, large trailer was pushed about 50 feet (15 meters), according to the service. That twister touched down intermittently for 6 miles (9 kilometers).

All three of the tornadoes uprooted several trees.

The NWS said in another tweet it was unable to adequately survey the Scituate, Rhode Island, area due to sunset.