Dyna-Gro Seed: Consistent Performance

Consistent Performance Gains Farmer Trust

Nutrien Ag Solutions Crop Consultant Jordan Elmore (left) advised Chase Harris to modify various production practices to enhance yields and economic returns on his North Carolina farm. (Provided by Nutrien)


Switching seed companies can sometimes cause a rift between younger and older generations on the farm. But in the case of Harris Farms, Snow Hill, North Carolina, the younger generation found that an independent third party helped solidify trust through on-farm data and better economics.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Crop Consultant Jordan Elmore met Chase Harris six years ago through other farmers in this eastern North Carolina community. The region's sandy soils have long grown tobacco because they aren't as favorable for grain crops like corn. As Elmore examined fields and used his Nutrien Ag Solutions variety/agronomic characteristics assessment tools, he suggested Harris try some Dyna-Gro(R) Seed soybeans against the national brands being grown on Harris Farms.

"After trying Dyna-Gro soybeans for a couple of years, my dad, uncle and I agreed to switch our farm business away from a national brand to Nutrien Ag Solutions, as they delivered more hands-on expertise, knowledge and on-farm trials," Harris says. "We just saw more avenues to get answers to our questions, thanks to Elmore's efforts."


Given the old philosophy of using a few hybrids across the entire farm, Harris realized that adding different hybrids matched to soil types -- seeded at different populations by field zones -- wasn't a significant technology leap but a good place to start.

Harris Farms began seeding a prescription corn population from 26,000 to 30,000 based on soil maps and 1.5-acre grids. "Their color-coded soil-type maps changed so drastically across a field that they looked like a bag of Skittles," Elmore explains. "A hybrid-specific plan by field zone with the right population was critical to success." Now the farm uses variable-rate seeding across all corn acres -- which has expanded to one-third of the 3,500-acre farm.


Fresh off their variable-rate seeding success, this consultant-farmer partnership set its sights on the NCGA National Corn Yield Contest. "We dove into playing with the agronomic side, looking at fertility and other inputs that could drive top yields in our best field," Harris says.

The prescribed Nutrien Ag Solutions expertise and Dyna-Gro(R) Seed hybrids across their acres not only helped Harris Farms achieve third place in the 2019 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest conventional irrigated class, but the attention to detail also raised their whole-farm yields. Since then, Harris has continued to apply this successful recipe to entire fields. He adds that this opened his uncle's eyes, who couldn't believe the results were coming from their sandy soil to deliver the best yields they've had in 20-plus years.

"We're impressed with Dyna-Gro(R) Seed being a consistent workhorse across our acres, combined with the Nutrien Ag Solutions expertise. They may not always be the winner, but nine times out of 10, they won't let you down due to yield consistency across soils that vary greatly," Harris says.


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