Precise Pneumatic Seed Hopper

Precise Metering Seeder

APV pneumatic seeder (Greg Lamp)

Pneumatic seeder mounts on top of almost any soil tillage equipment and is especially useful for planting cover crops, says Igor Dolinar, account manager for APV, an Austrian company.

Seeds are fed from the seed hopper via an electrically controlled seeding shaft into the air duct. Seeds are then forced by air through plastic hoses to dispersion plates and evenly distributed close to the soil. Dolinar says the unit, now available in the U.S., provides precise metering even in windy conditions.

The seed hopper ranges in several sizes up to 1,600 liters (45 bushels), and a 2,300-liter (70-bushel) box is currently being tested in Argentina.

APV also offers additional equipment designed especially for organic farmers.


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