Handy Devices

November 2020 Handy Devices

Hardware Storage Caddy (Progressive Farmer image by Ray E. Watkins Jr.)


Ralph Bromm, Olney, Illinois, used discarded buckets from a grain conveyor to build a rotating storage unit for nuts, bolts and other loose pieces of hardware. He bolted 7- x 4-inch buckets to two lengths of 46-inch-long angle iron with four buckets to a level. The angle iron is welded to a 1/4-inch plate. He welded a 2-inch pipe to the bottom of the plate and slid the pipe over the axle of a wheel. This supports the whole structure and allows him to turn it to find the parts he needs.


Tie-downs find a way to tangle themselves up under your truck seat or in your job box. Curtis Taylor, Baxley, Georgia, has taken the tangle out of tie-down storage with a 4-foot length of PVC pipe. He hooks both ends of each strap to each end of the pipe and cinches it tight.


Julie Sparks, McAlester, Oklahoma, designed a simple way to check the water level in stock tanks without getting out of the pickup. She ties a gallon jug to a brick or concrete block and lets it float on the surface of the water. When the water level drops, the jug goes out of sight, and Sparks knows it's time to fill the tank.

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