Fendt Aims High

New Equipment - Fendt Aims High

Fendt is bringing for the first time to North America two new tracked tractors, the 900 Vario MT and 1100 Vario MT (shown here). (Progressive Farmer image provided by Fendt)

AGCO Corp.'s Fendt brand has embarked on a mission to greatly expand the variety and purpose of its equipment line in its bid to become a bigger player in the North American row-crop market.

Fendt's 5-year-old 1000 Vario was built to tackle North American row-crop and tillage applications. Its IDEAL combine is the first clean-sheet design of an axial combine in 30 years. The Fendt 900 Gen 6 Series tractors gave U.S. customers a tractor designed specifically for row-crop farms. The Fendt Momentum planter, with its precision planting and Load Logic weight-distribution systems, was introduced earlier this year.

Now, amidst COVID-era manufacturing challenges for the entire farm-equipment industry, Fendt is announcing new lines of steel and technology. The rollout includes a class 10 IDEAL combine (wheeled and tracked), its first North American tracked tractors, newly designed Fendt 700 and Fendt 300 tractors.

"This is a big launch for AGCO," says Conor Bergin, brand manager for Fendt. "But, it's a huge deal for [our customers]. We're confident our customers will take notice."

Fendt is a big player in the European market, especially Germany and France, where a majority of its sales are recorded. Its North American penetration has been more modest, most prominent in dairy regions such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, in Canada. Until recently, Fendt's products have traditionally fit well into dairy, livestock and custom-farming applications.


But, the German-based brand is elbowing itself into the valuable grains market with a full line of wheeled and tracked machines competing for row-crop business in the Midwest, South, Southwest and West. The Fendt line is now sold across North America from 204 dealerships, nearly 70 locations more than just two years ago.

Here are descriptions of Fendt's newest machines.

Fendt Tracks. Fendt is bringing for the first time two, new tracked-model tractors to North America: the Fendt 900 Vario MT and the Fendt 1100 Vario MT series tractors.

The Fendt 900 Vario MT line includes three models ranging from 380 to 431 constant engine hp.

"This is a series that will be put into a lot of different applications based on frame size, based on horsepower and power-to-weight ratio," Bergin says. That will include planting, light to medium tillage, row-crop spraying and grain cart duty.

The 900 MT's AGCO Power 9.8-liter high-power, low-rev diesel engine matched with Fendt's VarioDrive stepless continuously variable (CVT) transmission develops 1,500 foot-pounds of torque at 1,100 rpm.

Both the 900 and 1100 machines have 116 gallons per minute (gpm) of dedicated hydraulic capacity. It is a dual-pump, dual-circuit system. "The back half of the hydraulic system doesn't kick in until [the system] says that it needs it," Bergin explains.

Fendt's 1100 Vario MT Series is the largest tracked tractor in the marketplace, the company says. It comes in four models with a range of 511 to 673 constant hp. The largest engine, a MAN 16.2-liter, generates more than 2,000 foot-pounds of torque at 1,110 rpm for the largest model in this line, the 1167.

Fendt offers a new load-leveling system in the 1100 Vario MT. The system uses hydraulic cylinders in the suspension system to rebalance the machine, reducing slip and saving fuel.

Available. Ordering begins Sept. 1. Delivery is spring 2021.

IDEAL Combine 10 and 10T. Fendt stabbed its flag into the ground with this combine. The manufacturer says it's the largest in the world, although the chassis remains at the same 11.5 feet as the IDEAL 9.

The IDEAL 10 and 10T, either wheeled or "T" for tracked, cranks out 790 hp from its MAN 16.2-liter power plant. The IDEAL 10T with TrakRide features the IDEALdrive joystick for steering. It's a feature for 2021 that puts steering into the operator's left hand while completely clearing the operator's field of vision.

"But, it's a lot more than just horsepower on this machine," Bergin says. "Horsepower is useless unless you have the capacity." Compared to the IDEAL 9, the 10's separation area is 12% larger. Harvesting capacity is up 20%.

"When we hook up a bigger head," Bergin says, "we have the horsepower and the overall separation and combine capacity to cover more acres faster without sacrificing crop quality or [increase] loss out the back of the machine."

Available. Ordering begins Sept. 1, 2020 for delivery in spring 2021.

Fendt 700 Gen 6. The Fendt 700 introduced to North America in 1998 found good work with loaders, haymaking, hauling or towing. The new 700 Gen 6 series, with six models, is built for the entire farm -- adjustable for narrow- or wide-row spacings in row crops.

The 700 Gen 6 tractors debut with a Deutz 6.06-liter, 6-cylinder diesel engine ranging in hp from 144 to 237. The tractor is available with a range of loaders, including the Fendt 5X Series Cargo Loader that provides live, third-function loader operation. The tractor features 51-gpm hydraulic flow.

The 700 Gen 6 also includes the new FendtONE interface, which allows operators to customize their preferences for each use. The tractor is controlled by a multifunctional joystick, control buttons integrated into the armrest (nearly all can be customized by the operator) and a 12-inch primary touch screen mounted onto the armrest. An optional 12-inch pulldown display is stored in the roof liner. The digital dash is a color 10-inch screen that displays tractor functions such as speed, rpms, fuel, hydraulic remote assignments and more.

Bergin says Fendt considers the 700 Gen 6 the "every farm tractor," with a good combination of frame size, hp and power-to-weight-ratio. "It's the most adaptable tractor in the world," Bergin says.

Available. Ordering is available now for delivery in spring 2021.

Fendt 300. The fourth-generation Fendt 300 Vario Series tractor is a small-frame tractor with a turning radius of just 13 feet. The new 300s include four models powered by 4.4-liter AGCO Power engines ranging from 100 to 132 hp -- the largest model, the 314, boasts up to 142 hp with the Fendt DynamicPerformance power boost.

All four Fendt 300 Series tractors are available with the new FendtONE operator station that allows operators to monitor and customize their preferences for each chore.

The 300 Series tractors will be available with front-axle suspension and either mechanical or pneumatic cab suspension.

Available. Ordering begins in 2021 for delivery in early 2022.

For More Information:

> Fendt: www.fendt.com/us


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