Beef Recall

Ground Beef Enters U.S. Without Re-inspection

Another recall for ground beef, this one a "Class 1 Recall" with a high health risk, was issued mid-July. (PF photo by Greg Horstmeier)

For consumers who cannot differentiate between the sources of beef in their supermarket, any recall is a poor reflection on the industry as a whole. Unfortunately, beef just got another black eye, thanks to a recall by JBS Food Canada over more than 38,000 pounds of ground beef shipped to the U.S.

The official reason for the recall is that the beef was "not presented for import re-inspection in the United States." According to the recall, to date there have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption

JBS Food Canada ULC recalled the beef, which was imported July 13th, and processed by another company into ground beef products. The meat came under the label of "Balter Meat Company 73/27" and was in 10-pound chubs. Lot codes are 2020A or 2030A, with "EST. 11126" written within the USDA mark of inspection.

This product was shipped to Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina according to the recall. The product was classified by the USDA as falling under a Class I recall, defined as a "health hazard situation" with a reasonable probability of "serious adverse health consequences or death."


This is only the most recent recall. Just a little over one month earlier, June 17th, 83,038 pounds of raw beef products were recalled by La Bodega Meet LLC, a Texas company. The beef that was used in their products was not re-inspected as it entered the U.S. This too was a Class I recall.

On June 13th, Lakeside Refrigerated Services, of New Jersey, in another Class I instance, recalled 42,922 pounds of ground beef products it noted "may be contaminated with E. coli". The problem was discovered in what the USDA reports was "routine FSIS testing".

Lastly, January 24th, Amity Packing Company, Inc., out of Illinois, recalled 2,020 pounds of raw ground beef it noted "may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically clear, thin pliable plastic". This was a Class II recall, with what the USDA noted was a low health risk.

Total to date this year, that is 4 recalls. These numbers do not include pre-made products containing beef.