Case Rolls Out Patriot 50 Sprayers

Case IH's 3 New Hi-Tech Patriot 50 Sprayers Bring New Competition to Fast-Growing Applicators Market

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Patriot 50 series sprayers include lighting on the front hood, cab and tank, plus a center-section beacon light. Optional, factory-installed, blue-lens spray pattern lights provide visibility of applications and nozzles. (Photo courtesy of Case IH)

Case IH announced Thursday it is adding three new Patriot 50 series sprayers to its line of self-propelled application equipment. The three models -- the Patriot 3250, 4350 and 4450 -- are available to order for fall 2022.

The Patriot 50 series sprayers are about 80% new compared to the Case IH 40 series applicators. "We've touched pretty much every facet of the sprayer in some fashion or another," Mark Burns, Case IH application equipment marketing manager, told DTN/Progressive Farmer. "Probably the biggest, most eye-catching thing that will get our customers' attention would be its completely new styling. The front and rear hoods are the first within Case IH to receive this new look."

The Patriot 50 brings a newly designed cab to the field. Its premium cab environment incorporates the MultiControl Armrest layout used in current-model Steiger and Magnum series tractors to increase operator comfort and allow for simple operation. Control buttons are customizable and reconfigurable. "When designing the new Patriot 50 series sprayer, one of our top priorities was to create a comfortable environment to help make those long days in the field feel shorter," Burns said.

The new Patriots ride on a new chassis. "If you're familiar with Patriots, we've used a trailing link suspension for a couple of decades now. With this new model, we went to four-bar linkage," Burns said. The system offers an improved ride and improved control at moments of quick acceleration or deceleration with 8 inches of total suspension travel. Plus, axle adjustment options enable the operator to match axle track width to conditions and terrain."

"The sprayer feels planted to the ground," Burns said. "In (Case IH) tests with cooperators using pre-production models, they've noticed that they are spraying faster than they would with their current machine because of the improvement in ride."

Here are features of the Case IH Patriot 50 series:

-- The Patriot 3250 carries an 800-gallon tank (there is a 1,000-gallon option). Its 6.7-liter engine has 285 horsepower, with a boost to 309 peak horsepower. The Patriot 4350 mounts a 1,200-gallon product tank, produces 335 rated horsepower and 374 peak horsepower. The 4450 carries a 1,600-gallon tank. Its engine is rated at 390 hp, with 415 peak horsepower.

-- Road speed has been improved a bit from 40 series sprayers. The 3250 moves between fields at as much as 32 miles per hour. The pair of 4000 series machines top out at 37 mph on the road.

-- Case IH improved the boom spray tubes with the Patriot 50 series. "We went from a 3/8-inch diameter outlet to a 21/32 diameter outlet," Burns said. "That resulted in about a 21% increase in flow capability. So, you can either spray faster at the same rate, or be you can put on a higher rate at the same speed."

-- The Patriot 50 series has five boom options from 90 feet to 135 feet. Any one of those booms can be put onto any one of the sprayers.

-- There are two customizable displays -- the Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 1200, with chassis monitoring and control, and the Viper 4+, with enhanced auto guidance solutions and product control.

-- An exclusive tip-wash station provides operators a place to clean spray tips with both an air nozzle and water outlet.

-- Patriot 50 series sprayers include lighting on the front hood, cab and tank, plus a center-section beacon light all controlled from the AFS Pro 1200 display. Optional factory-installed, blue-lens spray pattern lights provide visibility of applications and nozzles.

-- Patriot 50 series sprayers can be equipped with optional AIM Command FLEX II advanced spray technology for individual nozzle on/off control. AIM Command FLEX II is built to optimize application rates and droplet sizes.

-- Every Patriot 50 series sprayer is guidance-ready, and with AFS Connect and Raven Slingshot, operators benefit from connectivity, guidance, data, and monitoring solutions.

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