KIOTI Expands Equipment Lineup

KIOTI Dealers Test Drive New Skid and Track Loader

Matt Wilde
By  Matthew Wilde , Progressive Farmer Crops Editor
A KIOTI dealer sees what the new SL750 skid loader can do at a ride-and-drive event during the company's annual dealer meeting recently in Orlando, Florida. (DTN photo by Matthew Wilde)

ORLANDO, Florida (DTN) -- KIOTI equipment dealers recently climbed in the cab of the company's new skid loader and track loader to move dirt and familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the machines before they arrive in showrooms later this year.

The ride-and-drive event at an off-road, all-terrain vehicle park near Orlando, Florida, was part of KIOTI's 2021 dealer meeting late last year at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort. Dealers drove tractors, mowers and utility vehicles, including the new KIOTI K9 2400 Cab. Various implements and attachments, such as grapple buckets and scrapers, were also available to test out.

Greg Bibee, KIOTI's director of strategic sales and marketing, said the company known for its lineup of tough, dependable and affordable compact equipment and mowers continually strives to satisfy customer requests and needs. That inspired the company to enter the skid loader and track loader market and offer a utility vehicle with more creature comforts.

"We offer a fantastic value for all our products," Bibee said. "It's not just having a low price, but the total package for the money. That's where we excel with all our equipment."

Jeff Scherbring, owner of Kalmes Implement in Altura, Minnesota, said farmers and acreage owners tend to gravitate toward KIOTI for equipment to maintain their land and do jobs when high-horsepower and high-dollar equipment aren't needed.

"That's where KIOTI thrives. Their products are smaller and easy to operate," said Scherbring, who's been a KIOTI dealer for three years. He's also a Case IH dealer.

KIOTI Tractor, a division of Daedong-USA, Inc., has supplied tractors in the 22 to 110 horsepower range to the U.S. and Canadian markets for more than 30 years. It entered the UTV market in 2009 and first offered zero-turn mowers in 2019. There's more than 450 KIOTI dealerships in North America.

Daedong-USA, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Daedong Corporation based in Daegu, South Korea. Daedong has been a supplier of mechanized farm equipment for more than 70 years.

Bibee said supply chain problems have affected the company, like most other businesses. However, he said parts and new products are available at dealers.

"With our vertical integration and control over much of our own production, we've been able to fare better than many other competitors for tractors, utility vehicles and mowers," Bibee added.


KIOTI jumped feet first into the compact skid loader and track loader market with the SL750 and TL750. Scherbring expects the machines to be popular with beef and dairy farmers, as well as contractors, next year.

"If you have something that is price competitive, easy to work on and operate, it will sell," he continued. "Some of the big manufacturers are all about the technology and bells and whistles. KIOTI thrives on simplicity."

Preliminary machine specs:

-- 73.8 hp diesel engine

-- Loader hydraulic pressure: 3,335 psi

-- Rated operating capacity: 2,689 pounds for the SL750 and 2,300 pounds for the TL750

-- Lift height to hinge pin: 126.6 inches for the SL750 and 126.4 inches for the TL750.

Preliminary standard equipment: LED front and rear work lights, E-H joystick controls, overhead sliding front door, in-cab display, auxiliary hydraulics, suspension seat, FOPS level II, 2-inch seat belt.

Preliminary optional equipment: two-speed high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, ride control, heat and air-conditioning, air-ride suspension seat, Bluetooth radio, pre-cleaner, rear-view camera and seven-pin connector.

Jason Boerger, KIOTI product line manager for compact construction equipment, said feedback from farmers who have tested the loaders and dealers that drove them in December were positive. Some testing and changes are ongoing.

"People like the wide, comfortable cab and the overhead door that makes it easier to get in and out of the machine," Boerger said. "There's a lot of steel protection for hydraulic couplers and they like that hydraulic hoses are routed so they aren't exposed to reduce the chance of snagging."

In the back of the skid or track loader, the radiator can be swung out to easily work on the engine. "Serviceability is really good on these machines," Boerger added.

Pricing has not been determined, but Boerger said customers will "find value."

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Versatility and value are two of the predominant selling points for KIOTI tractors, according to Tim Phillips, national sales manager. The company boasts a broad lineup of frame sizes, horsepower and transmission offerings to fit customer needs. Many are available with or without a cab.

"KIOTI is a good, general all-purpose tractor. Based on what you're trying to accomplish will guide you in your purchase," Phillips said.

Phillips said most all-purpose tractors are sold with a loader bucket attachment. Prices start from about $14,500 to about $63,000, depending on options. More than a dozen other implements and attachments, such as box blades and rake grapples, are available ranging in price from about $1,00 to more than $15,000.

KIOTI tractor offerings continue to grow every year, according to Phillips. The latest addition is the NS Series, which was available at the ride-and-drive event. There's five models without a cab in the lineup ranging from 45 to 58 hp. New for 2022 are four NS Series tractor models with cabs in the same horsepower range.

Phillips said the NS Series tractors are the perfect size to clean out livestock pens, haul round hay bales, power grain augers, clean out fence rows and accomplish other farm tasks. "From a general standpoint, looking at weight and power takeoff horsepower, frame size and stability and loader lift capacity, this size of tractor really fits perfect," he continued.

NS Series specs:

-- Three cylinder, in-line vertical, water-cooled turbo CRDI KOITI diesel engine

-- 36.6 to 47.9 PTO hp

-- Synchro shuttle or HST transmission

-- 2,940-pound lift capacity

-- Hydraulic independent PTO

-- Hydrostatic power steering

-- Single level joystick

-- Rear PTO

-- Single remote hydraulic valve

-- Three-point hitch with telescopic lower links and stabilizers

-- Projection head and working lamp

-- Deluxe suspension seat

-- Optional equipment includes the KL5810 front end loader and KB2485 backhoe.

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New for 2022 in KIOTI's utility vehicle lineup is the K9 2400 with a factory-installed cab. It allows people to work year-round in comfort.

KIOTI entered the utility vehicle market more than a decade ago with the Mechron series featuring a 22-hp engine and a 1,598-pound payload capacity. In 2018, the company introduced the K9 series with a 24-hp engine, which is slightly faster topping out at 31 miles per hour and enhanced features such as power steering.

Make no mistake, KIOTI utility vehicles are considered workhorses. The machines are engineered to get jobs done on the farm, ranch or acreage, and not for trail riding, though they can do it.

"It's for general use around the farm," Bibee said. "We only offer diesel engines. They are hauling feed, straw and hay bales, hauling fence posts and running fence lines, and depending where you are at, plowing snow.

"Customers are also starting to appreciate more of the creature comforts, ergonomics and additional capabilities," he added, which was the catalyst for the new model.

The factory-installed full-size cab has heat and air conditioning, a tilt-opening windshield and a Bluetooth audio system.

Other features of the K9 2400 Cab include:

-- CVT transmission with engine braking capabilities

-- 1,300-lb towing capacity

-- Adjustable suspension

-- Electric power steering

-- Standard spray-in bed liner

-- Illuminated dashboard

-- Noise and vibration reduction.

Bibee expects the K9 2400 Cab to be available at dealers in the first quarter of 2022. The price tag is in the low-$20,000 range, depending on options.

"For KIOTI, it comes down to the value for customers," Bibee said. "It's about getting a lot for the money and a good, reliable and solid machine."

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