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Snowstorms Bring Big Drought Relief

Bryce Anderson
By  Bryce Anderson , DTN Ag Meteorologist and DTN Analyst
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Texas Drought Monitor.

A look at the Drought Monitor comparison of the week of Feb 19 and Feb 26 shows just how important the heavy snows in the southern Plains have been. In the Texas Panhandle, the worst drought category—Level 4 or Exceptional Drought—is almost gone from the region after the big snowstorms. That’s what record snowfall will do.

The other takeaway message is that—indeed—it took record snows (up to 19 inches in Amarillo earlier this week, for example)—to make a dent in the harsh drought scene. And, it also is worth mentioning that there is still some level of drought in effect across the Panhandle—either Level 1 (moderate drought) or Level 2 (severe drought). But you’ve got to start somewhere on improving things, and this recent round of storms has certainly done that.

A recent trend to unsettled weather conditions offers some additional moisture chances before wheat and pastures go into their spring growth phases. It’s a much better scenario than earlier this year by far.


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