Syria: 150 Mines Removed From Palmyra

Syria: 150 Mines Removed From Palmyra

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -- A Syrian antiquities official says demining experts have so far removed 150 bombs planted by the Islamic State group inside the archaeological site in the historic town of Palmyra.

Syria's head of antiquities and museums, Maamoun Abdul-Karim, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that a technical team has returned to Damascus after a two-day work in Palmyra.

Syrian troops captured the town from IS fighters on Sunday after three weeks of intense fighting.

Abdul-Karim says the team photographed inside the museum where many statues were damaged by IS during its 10-month control of Palmyra.

He says the technical team couldn't reach some remote sites, including the burial places, because there are "hundreds of mines" left.

Syrian state media reported that warplanes struck several IS vehicle and targets east of Palmyra.