Richard Oswald

DTN Special Correspondent
Richard Oswald

Richard Oswald began writing DTN's "View from the Cab" after covering the western leg of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour for DTN during the massive drought year of 2002, and serving as one of two original DTN View from the Cab farmers in 2005. Richard also offered his unique perspective of epic flooding on the Missouri River for DTN during 2011.

In addition to his writing, Richard is a full-time farmer who lives in the house where he was born near Langdon, in northwest Missouri.

Alongside his son Brandon, Richard grows dryland and irrigated soybeans and specialty corn in the Missouri River Valley as well as hay and pasture in the Loess Hills in Atchison County. Some of the land Richard farms, first homesteaded in the early 1840's by his great-great-grandfather Enoch Scamman, has been operated continuously through six generations of his family.

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