Deere Continues Year of Rollouts With Windrowers, High-Clearance Tractors

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Operators electronically adjust windrow formation from the cab to optimize cutting and speed dry down. (Photo courtesy of John Deere)

It's a busy product year for John Deere as it continues to roll out new equipment. Here are its latest releases:


The W200 Series self-propelled windrowers help farmers speed the harvest and efficiency of their crops, Deere says. The new windrowers provide:

-- 10% wider.

-- 24-mph transport speed.

-- In-cab adjustments of swath flap and forming shields, with tilt and height resume.

The W200M and W235M are available with TouchSet controls that allow operators to adjust windrow width, and tilt from the cab while cutting.

Deere will begin taking orders for the M and R Series self-propelled windrowers on Sept. 1, 2021.


The 6120EH tractor is designed to meet the needs of high-value crop growers who require high clearance and reduced speeds to match the speed of field workers. The 6120EH provides up to 30 inches of drawbar ground clearance. A creeper transmission allows for speeds as low as 0.14 mph.

Other features include:

-- Axle maximum clearance of 33 inches.

-- Multiple tread spacings of 72, 76, 80 or 84 inches.

The 6120EH is now available for ordering.


The 6155MH is designed for growers of high-value crops in California and Arizona and for sugarcane producers in Louisiana and Florida. The rear drop axle provides additional crop clearance under the axle and greater drawbar clearance compared to tractors equipped with a standard axle and high-clearance tires.

The 6155MH can be equipped with:

-- PowrQuad PLUS 16F/16R, AutoQuad PLUS 20F/20R or CommandQuad PLUS 20F/20R transmission.

-- Factory-installed creeper speed.

-- Closed-center hydraulic system with electronic selective control valves (SCVs).

-- Front hitch with hydraulic SCVs.

-- Draft link with hooks.

The 6155MH is now available for ordering.

For more information on all these Deere products:

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